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When you invest in dental care for yourself and for your family, you deserve expertise that fully accommodates your life and your dental health needs. We commit to making sure you are always informed, always receiving the best possible care, and always treated with a gentle touch. Between juggling school and work schedules, our extended dental office hours in Fredericksburg, VA help you fit dental care into your busy life. Our family block appointments also help you and your family achieve complete dental care in as few visits as possible. Your time is valuable come experience the difference with us!

Convenient Hours

Many families are busy juggling work and school schedules, with life getting more hectic every year. We understand it can be challenging to balance everything. To help you fit dental care into your life you can make dental appointments before or after work, and around your child’s school and extracurricular activities. We respect your time and run on time.

Family Block Appointments

Numerous factors can make dental appointments more challenging for large families, from multiple schedules to the need for childcare. To help, we offer family block appointments when everyone can be seen at the same time or back-to-back. We know our patients and their families by name, and we treat you like family.

As Few Visits as Possible

In dental offices of the past, it often took several visits to receive treatment. It was common to have to take off work multiple times for separate exam and cleaning appointments, and for simple procedures such as fillings and crowns. At River Club Dental Care, our way of scheduling patients breaks this mold. Our dental exams and cleanings happen in the same visit. Also, if you want to start other dental work the same day, we are able and pleased to accommodate that in most cases. We value your time, and we do our best to finish any and all treatment in as few visits as possible, completing as much care as we realistically and comfortably can during each appointment.

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