Tooth Extractions

The thought of having a tooth pulled can be scary, and whenever possible, your dentists at River Club Dental Care will save your natural tooth by making it healthy and attractive. But sometimes, conditions in the mouth make it difficult to save. If an infection with pain persists, or if there is advanced tooth decay, your dental team at River Club Dental Care will typically suggest tooth removal as the best option. There are a number of ways to replace a missing tooth and give your smile a second chance, so if this is the chosen treatment route, all is not lost.

Despite the phrase about pulling teeth being difficult, more often than not it is a fairly routine procedure. Location and size of the tooth will both determine how extensive the process is. For instance, a front tooth with a single root will usually be easier to remove than a molar with multiple roots, or an impacted wisdom tooth. Careful removal to preserve the surrounding bone and tissue is always the goal of your dental team at River Club Dental Care, and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed yet, you may start to feel it soon. Wisdom teeth, named so because they tend to come in after childhood (when a person is more “wise”), are a potentially painful development and could be damaging to teeth alignment if they’re allowed to come in fully without intervention by River Club Dental Care’s dental team. Typically, the earlier your dentists have a chance to look at the wisdom teeth and remove them while they’re still in the early stages of coming through, the better. Early removal can prevent damage to neighboring healthy teeth, bone, gum tissue, and nerves and blood vessels.

Because wisdom teeth can also come in at random angles, an impacted wisdom tooth may push other straight teeth in different directions, creating a whole new set of problems by altering alignment of the teeth. Some people are lucky enough to never have problems with wisdom teeth, but in the worst cases, gum infections, jawbone cysts, and bone loss can all occur. That said, the approach River Club Dental Care recommends is having them removed before they have an opportunity to create dental problems.

River Club Dental Care offers an array of dental comforts to provide calmness and relaxation prior to wisdom teeth removal, as well as the careful, gentle hands of your experienced dental team.


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